Running a business is hard work, FACT! But, there is a way to make it easier.

As an Entrepreneur you may be thinking that you need to do it all yourself, but to achieve your vision in your business you will need to get some help and support.

Are you:

  • Putting in more and more hours, yet your profit is not reflecting this?

  • Stuck in start-up mentality and chasing all types of work, reluctant to say no to anything or anyone?

  • Feeling overwhelmed at everything that’s on your ‘to-do’ list and don’t know where to start?

  • Struggling to figure out how to achieve your vision for your business?


By working with me you can expect to experience these typical results:

Step back and take in the whole picture, to clearly identify what you should work on and why and, importantly, what you need to stop doing

Realise that running your business doesn’t need to be so hard as you put in systems and processes to free up your time and take YOU out of the business

Work smarter to increase your profits without putting in more hours

Feel back in control of your business

Have the time for other things in your life (and even take a ‘proper’ holiday!)

Here’s what some of my clients said:

Focused, tough, visionary, challenging are all words that would describe Alison. If you’re looking for someone who will agree with you every step of the way and give you the ‘feel good’ factor, then look elsewhere. However, if you’re looking for someone to challenge your thinking, hold you to account, and work with you to develop fresh ideas and new ways of looking at your business, then I would highly recommend Alison. I’ve now invested in a number of areas of my business and whilst it is early days, the results can be seen in terms of better customer retention and increased profitability.

I would have absolutely no hesitation in recommending Alison to any business that is seeking to re-focus, increase profitability, generate or retain more customers or those who just want a reality check on their vision!

Jonathan Andrew, Baswich Biz Consultancy
Jonathan Andrew

Before working with Alison, I was stuck in ‘start up’ mentality, putting in lots of hours and chasing all types of work, I’d lost sight of why I started my business in the first place. Working with Alison has helped me to redefine why I started my business, simplified the plan to achieve my goals and then get on and deliver it.

I’m now working less hours than before, yet in the last 3 months I’ve made the highest average monthly turnover since starting this business.

Sometimes you just can’t do it all by yourself and working with Alison has been a really good move for me and my business.

Ian Owen, Active Energy
Ian Owen

Before I met Alison, I had a vision of what I wanted to achieve in my business but found it very easy to always put “client work” to the top of my to-do list. Alison has helped me to realise, that without working on me and my own business, other areas could begin to suffer.

Whilst working with Alison, I have found the time to work on the important areas of my business which is in turn, helping me to run my business more efficiently and more productively. I have put in place various new processes which before, I would always say I didn’t have the time to work on, but Alison has helped me to work on them in a totally different way which doesn’t seem like “working”, but makes it more fun! 🙂

If anyone is thinking of possibly using a business coach in the future, I will definitely recommend Alison as she has helped me to focus on the best areas of me and my business.

Dawn McGovern, New Dawn PA
Dawn McGovern

Why make things hard on yourself by trying to do it all on your own? If you are ready to grow your business and increase your profit without putting in more and more hours then read on.

In a nutshell, you’ll get the accountability, clarity and focus you need to take your business to the next level. How does that sound?

This is for business owners who are serious about growing their business and want to fast-track their success by getting some expert support in place.

How does it work?

You have three options to choose from, depending on how much support you want and how you prefer to work.

business growth intensive

This is a private six month intensive programme which involves us working closely together to transform your business and your skill-set.

There will be work involved, but I’ll be taking you through it, step-by-step, to make it easier.

You are ready to make a big step change in your business and are looking for big results, whether it’s a significant increase in profit or customers, or perhaps you want to be able to re-structure your your business in a way that means it requires significantly less of your time.

I will personally take you through my ’6 steps to business growth’ signature model.


business coaching programme

This is a four month programme for business owners who are looking for support and guidance on how to achieve their objectives to grow their business without putting in more and more hours. Although less intense than the previous programme, you can still expect significant results in your business.

This is more suited to those who are already busy with existing clients in their business, and are struggling to find the time to work ON their business.

We still work on the ’6 steps to business growth model’, but we’ll focus on the areas that are going to give you the biggest benefit right now.


business growth masterplan group programme

Business Growth Masterplan is a twelve week programme, consisting of three days together across the twelve weeks, plus group calls and access to a private Facebook group.

During the twelve weeks, we cover all of the ’6 steps to Business Growth’ model, and apply what you learn straight-away in your business.

You’ll go through a number of proven templates and exercises, and get feedback from myself and a group of like-minded business owners, which is invaluable.

It’s not just about training and coaching – it’s about getting stuff done in our time together!