Do you want to juggle your business with your family and be successful at both?

Are you thinking of starting a business or in your first 12 months of business? Read on to discover how you can join a group of like-minded women and fast track your business to success, whilst fitting it around your family.

Would you like to know:

  • How to determine the best business model for you and make sure it’s one that will work
  • How to get a crystal clear picture of how your business makes money so that you can stop wasting time on unprofitable tasks
  • Why you NEVER want to compete on price
  • How to avoid the most common pitfalls people make when setting up a small business to fit around their family
  • The ‘secret’ of doing plans that actually work for you and your business
  • What’s really holding you back and how to overcome it
  • How to get ‘enough’ time to get everything done

Yes? Then listen up.

Mums Starting A Business is a group coaching programme where you will not only learn how to fast track your business to success whilst fitting this around your family, you will also build a fantastic support network as you share your journey with others in a similiar situation to you.

Trust me, this support will make a huge difference to you.

I know this from my own personal experience as well as seeing it happen in my previous group programmes.

A little about me….

I’m a mum of 2 girls (now 5 and 2) and, prior to having them, I was always very career focused, working in senior roles for blue chip companies and responsible for delivering change projects, process improvements and business planning.

When I was pregnant with my 2nd daughter I was in a job which involved a 3 hour daily commute and, each evening, I felt the pressure of rushing back down the motorway to try and put my daughter to bed, read her a story and catch up with what she’d done that day.

Sometimes I made it, sometimes I didn’t.

Although I enjoyed my job, I wasn’t enjoying the office politics that often meant I was working late, and I was definitely not enjoying spending so long away from home each day.

Something had to change.

I longed to be able to work nearer to home to be there more for my family but still have a role that challenged me mentally and enabled me to contribute to our family income.

Then it hit me – I couldn’t hang around waiting for this job of my dreams that didn’t really exist. I needed to go and do something about it and create it for myself.

I combined my extensive knowledge and skills gained from the corporate world with further training in coaching and I now work as a business coach, specialising in working with other women who are trying to fit running a business around their family and want to make a success of both.

I won’t lie – It’s hard work running your own business. But, you can make things so much easier by getting the right support in place and taking a little time to learn the framework of what it takes to run a successful business, to stop you making the same mistakes of others before you.

“Alison is a highly committed, inspirational and creative business coach, who represents excellent value for money. She is highly personable and cares deeply for all her clients, customising her expertise to match your needs. I cannot recommend her enough!” Kate Owen 

Let’s cut to the chase

How does the Mums Starting A Business group programme work?

Well, once you’ve joined, this is what you’ll get:

  • 1:1 Personal Business Strategy Session (to take place in September)- this is just you and me, over the phone or via Skype for 60 minutes, where we unpick your business model / idea, figure out the stuff that works and the stuff that doesn’t, then pack it all back together to be even stronger so that you have a solid base to work from for the rest of the programme.
  • 6 Training Modules – these will be in the form of videos that I have put together to take you step by step through all of the key learning points in our programme. Each module will be available to you at 2 week intervals.  I know you’re busy, so this means that you can fit your training in at a time to suit you and also gives you time to put into practice what you learn in each module before you get the next one.
    • Module 1 – Back To The Start (released 1st Oct)
      • How to avoid creating a job and become a business owner instead
      • How to create plans that work for you and your business
      • What you need to have in place to get through the difficult days
      • What you need to do to ensure you don’t fall foul of ‘money fears’
    • Module 2 – Your Marketing Map (released 15th Oct)
      • The best ways to fit Marketing into your busy schedule
      • Low cost and no cost effective Marketing strategies you can implement straight away
      • Digging deep on your customers and how to connect with them
      • What not to do – the big mistake people make in their Marketing
    • Module 3 – The Social Media Minefield (released 29th Oct)
      • What sites you should be using and how to get the best from them
      • How to avoid social media becoming a huge drain on your time
      • Find out which quick wins and short cuts to use
      • How to actually get customers from social media (rather than just chat!)
    • Module 4 – Selling Without Being  A ‘Sales Person’ (released 12th Nov)
      • Learn what’s holding you back from selling
      • Discover how to use your passion for your business to sell without feeling sleazy
      • How to be confident in your pricing and stop any discounting!
      • How to craft your own ‘powerful message’ to tell people what you do in a way that makes them want to buy from you
    • Module 5 – ‘I Don’t Have Enough Time!’ (released 26th Nov)
      • Learn the secrets of people who manage to get everything done
      • The most important thing you need to know about getting things done
      • How to create a schedule that really works for you
      • Which systems and process you must put in place for your business and life to run more smoothly
    • Module 6 – Mindset Matters (released 10th Dec)
      • Discover how you are the biggest obstacle to your business right now, and how to get out of your own way
      • Strategies that will shore up your confidence and self-belief
      • Why you need a support network and how to create a powerful one
      • How to deal with the doubters
  • Group Q&A Calls – As well as all of the above, we will also be having 3 group Q and A calls interspersed with the 6 training modules. We’ll meet as a group to discuss your progress and answer your questions on a live call. So, if there’s anything you’re struggling with or you’re not sure how something applies to your business, we can help here. These will be recorded for you to listen back to, or in case you need to miss one. (To take place 4th Oct, 8th Nov, 13th Dec)
  • Access To Private Facebook Group – This will be an area to support each other and share your progress throughout the programme.  Plus, if anything comes up between our group calls, post it here and I’ll respond straight back to you.

So, how much does all of this cost?

Look, I know that you’re probably trying to keep costs down and start your business on a shoestring. I also know though that by applying what you learn in this programme you are going to see results in your business significantly quicker than by going it alone.

Seriously, doing this could be the difference in creating the successful business you want or having to go back to finding a job when you find yourself working really hard in your business but not making any money.

Running this as a group programme means I can offer this at a much lower cost than my 1:1 coaching packages and I really want to reach as many of you as possible.

That’s why I’m offering this full programme for one upfront payment of £247, or 3 monthly installments of £84 (totaling £252).

I’m so convinced that you’ll get positive results from joining this programme that, if you’re not happy after module 1, I’ll give you a full refund. No quibbles.

How to get your place

Simply book in a 30 minute ‘find out more’ call with me in my online diary here

In this call you can ask me any further questions you have and I can find out more about you and your business. I like to talk to everyone personally before I take any payment so that we can both be happy that this programme is right for you.

Enrolment closes 14th September.

If you’d prefer to email me any questions you have, then send them to and put Mums Starting A Business in the subject line.

“Signing up and making the commitment to be part of the group was the best thing for me.   I truly doubt I would have kept going without it. Working with Alison has been great and really helped me to clarify what I want from my business and what I need to do to move forward with it.” Jenny McKenna