Business Growth Intensive



A private 9 month intensive programme which involves us working closely together for 9 months, to transform your business and your skill-set.


There will be work involved, but I’ll be taking you through it, step-by-step, to make it easier!


You will be an ‘action taker’ who is going to follow through on what we agree to do. You are ready to be make a big step change in your business and are looking for big results, whether it’s a significant increase in profit or customers, or perhaps you want to be able to re-structure your business in a way that means it requires significantly less of your time.


In this programme, you get the most access to my time, focus and personal attention.


In the Business Growth Intensive programme you will get:
  • 2 x One day in-person intensive sessions, one at the start of your 9 months, and one at month 8. In the initial session we will dig deep into your business, your goals and your challenges, and develop your plan for the 9 month programme. In the second day intensive, we will focus on developing your plan for beyond the programme.
  • In addition, you will also get two monthly phone coaching sessions with me, (or one face to face coaching session per month, location dependant, within 45 minutes drive of Stone, Staffordshire) over the 9 months
  • Access to my library of resources, materials and templates to support you throughout the 9 months and beyond
  • Email support as required, during our 9 months working together
  • Plus, I will send you 3 ‘recommended reading’ books that I will personally select for you during our programme


Examples of the kinds of things we could be working on include:
  • Developing systems and processes, to save you time, outsource more easily and be more professional with your clients
  • Defining your ideal clients and developing a strategy to work with more high value clients, and ‘lose’ your low value ones
  • Producing an effective marketing plan that will support you in targeting your ideal clients, and that you can easily implement
  • Optimising your pricing strategy to positively impact your bottom line without huge amounts of effort and time
  • Developing and leading your team to become high-performing and motivated, and less reliant on you!


Ultimately, it’s about delivering you the results you want in your business – more profit but without putting in more and more hours. What is this worth to you?


Your investment for the 9 month Business Growth Intensive Programme is £2925, or 9 monthly payments of £325.


Please note, I can only work with a very limited number of clients on this programme to ensure they all get the full support required from me. Please book a 30 minute ‘find out more’ call with me to discuss applying to work with me on this programme.

What we cover

The 6 Ps

    • Purpose – Get clarity on what you want your business to provide for you, and how you can achieve it
    • Position – Create a clear, achievable marketing plan to attract the customer you want to work with
    • Profit – Understand your current profit levers, and how to make some tweaks to these to make a BIG difference to your bottom line
    • Process – Implement simple processes to help you work smarter, not harder, and free up your time
    • People – Design your ideal team and develop a plan to find them, train them, and lead them effectively
    • Plan – All of this leads into a clear, straight-forward plan for your to deliver and be held accountable to