Hi, I’m Alison Bradford, a professional business coach based in Stone, Staffordshire, working with local business owners in groups or one-to-one settings, and a global client base via Skype.


I work with smart, ambitious small business owners to get you clear on what you need to be doing to grow your business and make more profit, but without putting in more and more of your time.


My coaching helps you to get your head out of all the busyness and noise, and get you clear on what you should be doing, what you need to stop doing, and have you breathing a huge sigh of relief as you realise running a business does not need to be such hard work!


I show you how to be more effective in your business, and how to lead your business and team to achieve the results you desire.


A bit about me –  I spent 12 years working in telecoms, originally training as an accountant and then moving into project management and business planning as Head of Business Improvement in Vodafone for their sales areas. I then spent a couple of years delivering projects sponsored at board level for Swinton Insurance.


In these roles I gained a huge amount of experience in leading teams, getting the best out of people, and delivering results, in often challenging environments!


Along the way I had two daughters and realised that I didn’t want to be spending three hours commuting each day, and I was tired of the office politics. I loved the people interaction and delivering results from my role, however, I craved something where I could still use my brain and skills to make a difference in a commercial world and be able to fit this around my family.

Staffordshire business coach Alison Bradford

And hey presto, here I am!


I love being able to use my commercial background in large organisations, and combine this with my business coaching expertise to make a difference to small businesses. I focus on delivering value and take a pragmatic, no fluff approach i.e. cut out all the red-tape and BS and concentrate on the juicy stuff that delivers results.


My advice on simplifying business, and making more profit without putting in more time, is sought out on many business advice websites. My articles have been featured in various publications including the New York Times.


If you’re ready to go from feeling stressed, reactive, and thinking no-one else can do what you do properly, to feeling in control, behaving as a business leader and having some FUN in your business, book in a strategy call with me today and let’s talk about boosting your business and improving your lifestyle.

Ready to make some changes in your business? 

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