Throughout the year, I run a small number of programmes for small groups of  business owners.

Business Growth Masterplan is a 12 week programme, consisting of 3 days together across the 12 weeks, plus group calls and access to a private Facebook group.

During the 12 weeks, we cover all of my signature ‘6 steps to Business Growth’ model, and apply what you learn straight-away in your business.

6 steps to business growth

You’ll go through a number of proven templates and exercises, and get feedback from myself and a group of like-minded business owners, which is invaluable.

It’s not just about training and coaching – it’s about getting stuff done in our time together!

What Clients Say

My business had plateaued and I needed to drive my business forward to get to where it needed to be. I was struggling to focus on my goals & what aspects of the business I needed to be working on. The Business Growth Masterplan has given me clearer goals and ideas, and taught me how to be more proactive and delegate more effectively. It’s also helped me to understand what aspects of my business needed to be worked on and how to go about doing it.

I would definitely recommend the Business Growth Masterplan. Being able to discuss your problems with other business owners is of great value, and, by listening to others, you understand that they have similar issues as you. You can talk confidentially about how they overcame them, what worked for them, what didn’t. It’s given me focus and drive and made me accountable for the things I needed to do.

Yvonne Shuttleworth, Balance and Beam
Yvonne Shuttleworth

I liked the idea of a 12 week programme as it’s long enough to make a difference. The best things about the Masterplan programme were the interaction with the group, having my thinking challenged, and the knowledge I’ve gained, as well as very nearly hitting the ‘ridiculous’ turnover target I set at the beginning of the 12 weeks. If you’re thinking about joining the next Masterplan course then do it! Your business will grow and you will change in the process. It’s been such a valuable experience.

Vicki Evans, Walkmills Botanics
Vicki Evans

Before joining the programme, I was concerned that I’d have the time to commit to it and implement what I learnt, plus I was worried if I was the ‘right’ type of business. The fact that it was very goal orientated and structured meant I got lots done in our group days and i found the time spent there hugely worthwhile. Of specific importance to me was also the small group size, which meant lots of interaction and feedback for us all.

If you’re thinking about doing this programme then GO FOR IT! You will not regret the course, but you will regret not going on it months, or even years, ago.

Sandy Rowley, Healthy Minds
Sandy Rowley

I was finding it difficult to make sure my working hours were productive and was working longer hours. I joined the Business Growth Masterplan to help me make my business as profitable as it can be and to put things in place to allow me to work the number of hours I want to work, rather than the number of hours my business dictates. The results have been amazing and it’s really helped me to make some decisions in my business to achieve what I want to get out of it. I have focused on the type of clients that are most profitable to me, I have increased the hours of my PA, and I have realised the importance of taking time out to plan and work on my business rather than continually getting wrapped up in the day to day tasks.

I am so pleased I made the decision to join the Business Growth Masterplan and can’t believe how much I’ve achieved in such a short space of time. The things I’ve already learned as a direct result of the programme have made me feel massively positive about my business and its future. I can’t recommend it highly enough.

Heather Dunn

Investment for the 12 week Business Growth Masterplan programme starts at £897 or 3 easier payments of £299.

Starting in March 2019, a maximum of 4 successful business owners will be joining me in this 12 week programme, to take their business to the next level in this intimate group. 

Please note, this is a ‘by application only’ programme, to ensure all members of the group are a ‘good fit’ and high performing  business owners. If you’re curious to find out more, you can see the invitation letter here, and if what you read resonates with you, you can apply to join the programme by emailing me at alison@alisonbradford to request an application form.