How Hindu gods are relevant to your business

How Hindu gods are relevant to your business

I was with a client on my Business Growth Intensive programme and we were on his 2nd full strategy day, reviewing the past few months and pulling together the plan for the next year or so.

At some point, I found myself sharing a story I recently heard on a yoga retreat, about Hindu gods.

Now, I don’t usually talk about Hindu gods in my strategy days, and, to be honest, I know very little on the subject, but I was struck by this particular god, and it’s relevance as I see it, to your business.

It was in a yoga myth session, and I was lying down in the relaxation position drifting off to the land of snooze, as I usually do during yoga myth.

But suddenly my brain jolted in as she started talking about the god Shiva, who is The Destroyer.

Having a god whose role is to destroy things, initially confused me and didn’t seem right, but then she went on to explain how Shiva’s role to destroy things is a necessary step that makes renewal possible.

By destroying something, it makes way for Brahma, the Creator god, to create new things.

Do you see how this is relevant to your business?

Sometimes, it is necessary to destroy a part of your business, to make way for a newer, better, more relevant part to be created.

This may be ending a certain product or offering.

It may be stopping working with certain customers, or people in your team.

Or perhaps to do with your environment, and your office space.

What do you think of in your business that should be destroyed, to enable something new to be created in it’s place?

It can be a difficult decision to make, I know, and it’s easy to become attached to all parts of your business, so if you’d like to talk it through, take me up on a 30 minute strategy call and I’ll help you see what should be destroyed in your business. You can see availability and book here.

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