Lessons from a Happy Place – how to gently grow your comfort zone

Happy Place Festival in Cheshire

Lessons from a Happy Place – how to gently grow your comfort zone

The other weekend I spent a day at Fearne Cotton’s Happy Place Festival at Tatton Park in Cheshire.

It was right up my street, with a mix of yoga, pilates, mindset talks, podcast recordings and lots more inspring stuff!

Some of the talks I was drawn to and wanted to attend, were fully booked or clashed with something else, which meant I ended up going to see and hear some different people talk.

Each time I went along with a pre-conceived idea that I wasn’t going to like it and it wouldn’t be my ‘thing’.

But you know what? I ended up loving everyone I saw and listened to!

The stuff I was drawn to were things / people I was already familiar with, but by going to see the other things / people see I ended up learning new ideas and being inspired in different ways.

In a really easy way, I was stretching my comfort zone.

I’m sure you’re familiar with the concept of a comfort zone, and you’ve probably been told that you need to step outside of it to achieve great things.

The problem I’ve realised with this, is that most people think this means you need to do something really stretching, challenging and scary.

And, because it seems so stretching, challenging and scary, you do nothing.

What if stepping outside of your comfort zone can mean small changes, small steps of trying different things that are just a little bit stretching, challenging and not that scary at all?

Things like:

  • Looking at the news in different industries
  • If you market online, go to an in-person event
  • If you market in-person, try something online
  • Read a book on a completely different topic
  • Go to an exhibition and meet 5 new people to learn about
  • Learn how to use some new software

Just pick something that makes you squirm slightly and think ‘that’s not me’, without terrifying you!

What small step can you take this next week to stretch your comfort zone, just a little bit?

Doing this consistently means that your comfort zone will gradually expand without you even realising it!


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