Simple ways to increase your business’s profit (and keep the heating on!)

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Simple ways to increase your business’s profit (and keep the heating on!)

You can’t escape the gloomy messages right now about the cost of living crisis.

I’m sure you’re seeing it in your own life with your utility bills, fuel prices and the weekly food shop all on the increase, and you’re probably trying to make cut backs where you can.

But, what if you could increase your income, to allow for these price increases, by increasing the profit in your business?

It seems that lots of people are looking at ways to cut back in their personal life and, whilst this may be sensible, what if you could still afford the little luxuries that mean a lot to you, or just keep the heating on a little longer?!

Personally, I’m fed up of all the doom and gloom in the media right now and would prefer to focus on something positive I can do.

So, over the next few weeks, I’m looking to share with you some simple steps you can take in your business to increase your profit, and therefore your income.

The first one is one I’ve shared before with you and it’s definitely worth revisiting.

It’s to go through your business bank statements with a fine toothcomb!

Make sure you understand what every expense is bringing back into your business – in other words, what’s the return on investment?

It may be low cost monthly subscriptions you no longer use or need, you may discover you’ve double paid for website hosting, or that you’re paying a repeat annual charge for something you can’t even remember signing up for.

It really won’t take you long – put aside half an hour and get it done.

Be strict about cancelling those things you no longer need or use and remember, you can always reinstate them at a later date if you need them again.

Let’s start focusing on positive things you can do to increase your income.

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Alison Bradford

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