What can you do when you feel stressed in your business?

Busy and stressed business owner in Staffordshire with her head resting on her computer.

What can you do when you feel stressed in your business?

Yesterday I was with a client in a private business coaching session.

It had been a difficult couple of weeks for him, with a few disappointments and a sense of things not going his way.

This had led to him feeling stressed and he asked me:

‘Is it normal to feel stressed like this?’

My short answer is yes.

Business owners are human beings first, and what goes on around you can impact your emotions and feelings.

Especially when you have a knock-back or two.

  • Maybe the client you thought was a dead cert suddenly goes silent and doesn’t return your calls.
  • Maybe the cashflow is looking iffy as you have a run of late payments.
  • Maybe a supplier decides to hike their prices, leaving you out of pocket.
  • Maybe a valued member of your team hands in their notice.

It’s natural to take these things to heart and take it personally, leading to feelings of stress.

Unfortunately, operating from a position of stress is one of the most unproductive states to be in.

It can lead to knee-jerk decisions. you waste time thinking and pondering over it, it drains your energy levels and, ultimately can lead to physical symptoms such as headaches, or picking up bugs more frequently.

So, yes. it’s normal to feel stressed at times when you’re running a business, but how can you move out of this state?

Here are my top 4 tips to move out of stress:

  1. Focus on what you can control – what can you actually do about the situation and take action on?
  2. Make time to be inspired – have tools to help shift your state and feel inspired to move forward. For example, have quotes that inspire you visible when you’re working, watch some You Tube videos of people who inspire you or listen to a podcast. Even listening to your favourite songs can help inspire you and shift your state of mind.
  3. Get physical and move your body – at times of stress it’s more important than ever to look after your health so make time each day to move, whether it’s a short walk at lunch or a full-on gym session, look after your body.
  4. Have a trusted person to use as a sounding board – be this a mentor, a coach or someone else that you can fully trust to listen to you and help you figure out your next steps.

And remember, “This too shall pass”

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