Now’s the time to get comfortable being uncomfortable in your business

Getting comfortable being uncomfortable

Now’s the time to get comfortable being uncomfortable in your business

I first heard this quote from one of my own coaches a few years ago:

‘You’ve got to get comfortable being uncomfortable’

It may sound a bit weird and contradictory at first, but read it again:

‘You’ve got to get comfortable being uncomfortable’

In business (and life!) you may be avoiding lots of things because they make you feel uncomfortable.

It may be giving a presentation, launching a new service, making sales calls, hiring a new team member, moving to a new office, chasing up an outstanding invoice.

You know deep down that it’s the next step for you, but you can’t face the discomfort and so end up staying where you are and avoiding what you know you need to do.

It’s like avoiding exercise, because it makes you feel uncomfortable.

Or, feeling stressed after a busy day and pouring a glass of wine or eating a huge bar of chocolate, instead of sitting with the discomfort.

You see, the thing is with discomfort, if you go with it, you’ll find that it passes.

Exercise gets easier, you no longer want the glass of wine or bar of chocolate at the end of a busy day, and you find yourself doing the things in your business to move it forward and achieve your goals.

For the next week, pick a couple of things to do that make you feel a bit uncomfortable, sit with the discomfort and get them done.

You’ll find that you soon end up feeling comfortable being uncomfortable.

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