In your business are you measuring actions or results?

In your business are you measuring actions or results?

Are you measuring actions or results in your business?

Most of you are focusing on the results (sales, profit etc.), which of course is important, but the results are linked to the actions you are taking.

The problem for most business owners is that there is a time lag between what you do today and when you will see a result.

Now that Spring is nearly here, you can see the green shoots starting to appear in the gardens, and even a few snowdrops. It won’t be long until the gardens are full of beautiful daffodils to gaze at and appreciate.

But those daffodils didn’t appear overnight.

They are the result of months of actions.

The roots will have started developing back in Autumn, and then energy and food is given to keep the bulb alive during the Winter, with the first green shoots starting to appear around now.

Soon we will be seeing the beautiful flowers, and this is the result we want. We don’t really think about the months of actions taken to get them.

It’s the same in your business – the actions you are taking today will give you results in around six months.

The problem with this time lag is that you can get disheartened.

You do a week of great marketing activities yet get no sales.

You put an hour in to work on your business but see no immediate improvement.

You document some processes but don’t feel any benefit straight away.

This is why it’s as important to measure the actions you are taking as well as the results.

Congratulate yourself on taking action today, that will give your future business the results.

Not sure what actions you should be taking to give you future results? Book a complimentary strategy session here and I will help you to identify what you should be doing now.

Enjoy looking at the daffodils!

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