What would be amazing to achieve by the end of 2021 in your business?

2021 business goals

What would be amazing to achieve by the end of 2021 in your business?

I often think September has the feel of being like a kick in the butt.

August can be a month to slow down and take a break, then you hit September and suddenly realise you’re heading for the last quarter of the year.

It’s time to get focused and motivated. Time to reassess what you’re doing and what you want to achieve.

Time to ask yourself:

“What would be amazing to achieve by the end of 2021?”

Take a minute or two right now to think about that.

“What would be amazing to achieve by the end of 2021?”

Amazing doesn’t mean something you think you should do, something others are telling you to do, or something that is unrealistic in the time you have.

Amazing is the thing you can get done, in the time you have, that will make a big difference in your business. It’s something that excites you and fills you with energy. even though the steps to get there may not be easy.

We often set our goals at the start of a year, but then get demotivated, distracted, and simply caught up being busy with other stuff.

The problem with lots of planning is that it is too focused on the big goals that take time, and not focused enough on the small actions you can achieve each week to move you forward towards those goals.

In my upcoming Impact Business Growth And Leadership Programme, not only will the business owners be putting together a yearly plan, but they will use my templates to break this down into six-week manageable chunks that they will be held accountable to.

By working in planning cycles of six weeks, they start to see progress more quickly and are more motivated to get to the end in sight.

“Little by little, one walks far”

Let’s make this final quarter of 2021 the one to achieve that amazing goal.

Curious to know how I can help you in achieving your business goals? Book in a complimentary strategy session to find out more, and identify some quick wins tailored to your business. Find the latest availability in my online diary here.

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