This really works! Say goodbye to overwhelm and feeling stuck.

This really works! Say goodbye to overwhelm and feeling stuck.

I’m sure you’ve realised by now that feeling overwhelmed, or getting ‘stuck’ on something, is part of the job description as a business owner.

There’s lots of different strategies you can use to move you forwards, but sometimes I find that nothing can beat a good sort out!

Whenever I do this, in my business and my personal life, I always feel a shift, like a burst of extra energy and clarity, to pull me through the overwhelm or get me unstuck.

So, if you’re feeling overwhelmed or stuck right now (or even if you just want an extra shot of energy and clarity) then try doing this in your business this week.

Here are 3 areas to focus on sorting out (aka ‘de-cluttering’, but I never really like that word). By the way, I know you’re thinking you don’t have the time to do this, so this is a great way to practice the 15 minute rule. Set a timer and spend just 15 minutes on each of the 3 – you’ll be amazed how much you get done, and even you can find 15 minutes can’t you? You can always go back and do another 15 minutes if you need to.

1. Your Workspace

If you’re sitting there now, have a look around. Does your workspace inspire you and fill you with energy? Or do you try and block out all the mess around you as it reminds you of everything you need to do?

In your 15 minutes on your workspace, aim to clear away all your paperwork – file it, bin it or do it.

Do you really need to have a constant visual reminder of all the stuff you’ve been meaning to read every time you sit down to work? It’s like it’s taunting you isn’t it? “Look at all the stuff you haven’t done!”

Be ruthless!

Is there anything that is broken or you no longer need? Get rid of it.

The only things you should be able to see are the essentials you need to do your work and anything that inspires you.

I have a framed quote on my desk ‘always believe that something wonderful is about to happen’ plus a couple of postcards with inspiring quotes 🙂 to give me a boost of positivity when I need it. What do you have?

2.  Your Computer

Every time you need to find something, do you end up scrolling through loads of old work, or flicking from folder to folder as you can’t quite remember where you saved what you’re looking for?

Do you have completed projects still there, taking up space?

Delete anything that is completed or no longer relevant. Delete any old half finished projects that you decided not to do. (Or at least archive them if you can’t bear to delete)

Once you’ve cleared some space, set up new folders that align with your current goals. If you’ve got new projects coming up this year, start folders for them.

Keep your focus on where you’re going, not where you’ve been. Remember this when you’re looking for something on your computer.

Whilst you’re there, how is your email looking? If you’re anything like me, you’ll probably need an extra 15 minutes just to focus on getting this sorted out, and aligned with where you’re going, not where you’ve been!

3. Your Storage

So, now you’ve done all the immediately visible stuff in your workspace, and you’ve tidied up your computer, what about the stuff that’s out of sight?

Hidden away in the drawers, in the filing cabinets and on your bookshelves?

Follow the process again and bin anything that is no longer useful or relevant to you.

Books gathering dust that you never go back to? Give them away. Only keep the ones you love, and that you refer back to.

Files containing projects you’ve already delivered? Bin them.

Duplicating information that you already have filed on your computer. Ditch it.

Create some space for all the new exciting goals you’re working on this year.

Having a good sort out is cathartic, in that it’s about getting rid of stuff you’ve already done, or are never going to or is simply of no use to you any more, and instead creating space for you to focus on where you want to heading.

Every time you sit down to work, you want to feel energised and focused, so make sure you’re not forgetting to create your environment to support this.

Spend 45 minutes this week working through each of these areas (or 60 minutes if you need extra time on your emails), and the overwhelm will melt away, and you’ll no longer feel stuck 🙂

Leave me a comment to let me know what you think, and how you get on. Do you already have a good sort out regularly? Or are you due one right now?

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Alison Bradford

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