Here’s what your business can learn from an Ibizan restaurant menu

Tapas in Ibiza

Here’s what your business can learn from an Ibizan restaurant menu

I’ve just returned from a lovely family holiday in Ibiza, and when I’m in a different country I like to eat the local food, so I find it a little strange when wandering around to see signs offering tapas, pizza, pasta, burgers, fish and chips – all at the same restaurant!

I left that one alone and instead enjoyed eating at a local tapas bar, where tapas was the only thing on offer.

I get that the first restaurant is trying to appeal to everyone’s taste, but in doing that they’ve put me off, as I want somewhere that specialises in a particular cuisine.

Know your target customers, be clear on your niche, and focus your marketing on talking to them.

The last thing you want in a small business is to be like the first restaurant and try to appeal to everyone, as you’ll likely engage with no-one.

Speak to your target market and aim to get a few people nodding their heads enthusiastically, rather than a lot of people only slightly interested.

Are you clear on your target market and does your marketing connect with them?

If you’d like some help with this, book in a complimentary strategy session and I’ll help you to narrow this down.

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