January’s over – but what can you do to focus on your 2024 goals

JANUARY in isolated letters

January’s over – but what can you do to focus on your 2024 goals

January can be a strange month. You start with hope and excitement for your business plan and achieving your goals, and the fresh year ahead.

But, if your January hasn’t quite gone to plan, it can be easy to lose heart.

F Scott Fitzgerald said, “January is the Monday of months”

You’ve still got plenty of time to get back on track, it’s all about what you choose to do now.

Something we do in my Business Growth Academy meetings that I run each month is identify the following:

  • Success – what has been a success from January? It can be something big or small, reflect back and pick out your biggest success from the past month
  • Challenge – what has been a challenge for you in January? Something that has felt difficult but that you can learn from.
  • Focus – now identify what you need to focus on in February.

Going through this simple exercise at the end of each month will help to keep you on track throughout 2024 to achieve your goals.

Once you’ve identified what you need to focus on in February, get your diary out and plan the time to work on this.

You may also find it useful to write out your focus for February and keep it visible throughout the month as a reminder and prompt.

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