What do you need help with?

What do you need help with?

You may be aware that last Thursday (8th March) was International Women’s Day. I know that these type of ‘days’ seem to be springing up everywhere so that we have something to celebrate pretty much every day – from potatoes to singing! But, International Women’s Day is less of a marketing strategy and more about celebrating and supporting women.

I was lucky enough to be invited to an event near to me to celebrate the day and had the privilege of meeting some very inspiring women. More about that later.

Last Thursday was also a great day in our house for 2 other reasons. Firstly, it was my eldest daughter’s 5th birthday. Where has that gone?? It really doesn’t seem that long ago when we were celebrating her 1st birthday. Once she’d got over the fact that she wasn’t having a big party with all her friends (it was a small family party at home this year) she had a great day and definitely enjoyed being the centre of attention!

The other reason it was a great day? Well, I finally had my replacement iPhone! If you read my post 3 things I miss about the corporate life you’ll know I had an incident with my previous one that rendered it useless. I’m now back up and running and able to check my emails whenever I want, browse the internet, check out my local weather and all of those exciting things I missed!

I was reading in Grazia this week about a new phenomena called ‘nomophobia’ – which is a fear of losing your phone. I can definitely relate to this and realised the extent of my own smartphone addiction when I had to manage without it for a short while.

There’s a great new game that people are playing as well called phone-stacking. At the beginning of a meal, everyone places their phones face down in the middle of the table and whoever gives in first and checks their phone loses and has to buy the meal. Not sure whether I’m ready to try this without some practice first as it could end up costing me a bit.

Back to International Women’s Day now and the lovely people I met. I was talking to a lady who had spent 20+ years building up a cleaning business and had recently sold it. By the time she sold it she employed 155 staff and had numerous contracts with large corporate clients. I asked her what advice she has for women starting out in business and she said to recognise where you need help and go and ask for it.

It turned out that she was dyslexic and, early on in her business, had lost a deal due to a bid she had put together where there were lots of misspellings and grammar errors. She learned quickly that if she was to grow her business she needed to hire someone else to do all of the written work and typing up of bids, contracts etc.

I hear that advice lots – to ask for help when you need it. What are the things you’re struggling with at the moment? Sometimes we try to do everything ourselves when running a small business. This can be to keep costs down or just because we feel we have something to prove.

What do you need to ask for help on right now in your business? Please let me know and get in touch with me as I always love to hear from you.

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