Where less can lead to more in your business

Hot chocolate

Where less can lead to more in your business

At the weekend I took my eldest daughter into a local cafe for a hot chocolate and a cake.

We had a bit of a discussion on where to go – we’re blessed in our town with a few choices – and ended up in an independent cafe (always prefer to support these) where we knew they had a good choice of cakes.

But, when we went up to order and we had to choose our cakes, we both went into overwhelm and couldn’t decide!

There must have been around 20 different cakes to choose from, and the big choice put our brains into overwhelm as we looked blankly at each other. After what felt like a few minutes we did make our decision, and of course we enjoyed our cakes.

It reminded me of how many businesses I see overwhelming their prospective customers by giving too much choice, which can end up wth the prospect walking away, unable to make a decision.

Make it easy for your prospects to buy from you by reducing the choice.

By keeping the choice simpler, it will be easier for your prospect to make a decision.

Less choice = More customers

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