What do ballet and business have in common?

What do ballet and business have in common?

We had a very busy week last week in our house as my eldest daughter (very soon to be 5) was in a ballet show. It’s our first experience of a show and what an eye opener it was! Lots of running around for rehearsals to a local theatre and late nights. I was as exhausted as my daughter!

The show itself was amazing and included all the older children from ballet, tap, hip-hop, disco and drama classes. It amazed me how confident they all were on stage, but I also had a glimpse into all the hard work that had taken them to that point.

I’m always hearing myself saying to my daughter that we have to practice to get good at something – whether it’s learning to read and write, or learning her dances for a ballet show. I’ve now realised that this advice is just as relevant in running a business. There are always parts of our business that we find easier to do than others but sometimes it just takes a bit of practice and then we can find ourselves improving.

What are the parts of your business you’re not finding easy? Is it the marketing? Getting out and talking to people? Sitting in front of the computer to do your accounts? Closing a sale?

We all have something – I’m currently ‘practicing’ using the phone to contact people instead of sending emails. Somehow, I’ve got out of the habit of using the phone to stay in touch (ironic really as most of my coaching is done over the phone!).

It feels like a more convenient way to contact people to email them if you don’t have a pre-arranged appointment. I always worry that it won’t be convenient if I call but I also know that it’s much more personal and you get much more from the conversation. True, I have been leaving lots of voicemails and I’m definitely getting better at these!

Take a minute to consider what it is that you’re finding hard to do and is it just because you need some more practice at it? If it is, then you know what you need to do. Practice, practice, practice.

Of course, there may be some things that it’s better to outsource and get some help with but sometimes all it takes it just a little practice and you can find yourself becoming great at something you never thought you would.

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Alison Bradford

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