Are your Christmas shopping habits linked to the way you run your business?

Business woman stands with black Friday shopping bags

Are your Christmas shopping habits linked to the way you run your business?

Unless you’ve been living under a rock you can’t have helped to notice your email inbox and social media feeds being bombarded with offers for the imminent Black Friday.

I always love a good offer, and with a teenager and a tweenager in the house, anything I can do to bring down the cost of their Christmas list is a bonus!

This year, the teenager (14) has kindly provided me with her Christmas list in a Powerpoint presentation, complete with pictures and detailed descriptions to ensure I don’t get anything wrong.

The tweenager (11) has gone down the WhatsApp route, helpfully sending me direct links to purchase online what she wants.

How times have changed from when I was younger and circling what I wanted in the catalogue!

I’m not complaining though – thank goodness for online shopping and having precise instructions on what to get. It means I can sit at my desk and get most of the Christmas shopping done in an hour. No traipsing around the shops in the rain, carrying all those bags and my feet hurting.

I think how you do your Christmas shopping is pretty indicative of how you run your business (unless you have a partner who very kindly does the Christmas shopping for you – at least you’re good at delegating!)

I have goals, a plan, a budget and a strategy to deliver – making sure I get those Black Friday offers along the way, and am being productive with my time.

How about you?

Do you already have a list you’re working through strategically or are you going to be panicking on Christmas Eve, praying your deliveries turn up on time?

Now I can’t help you with your Christmas shopping, but I can help you with your business goals, plan, budget and strategy.

If you want to find out more about how, then simply book in a call with me in my online diary here.

And a quick note of caution on Black Friday; generally, I don’t advise small businesses to join in the Black Friday offers, especially if you’re selling services. One, it’s a very ‘noisy’ time to try and compete with big brands on price, and secondly, you’re probably not charging enough already and shouldn’t be discounting.

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Alison Bradford

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