What modern art can teach you about business

What modern art can teach you about business

A recent trip to the Tate Modern has had me thinking about creativity.

It was my first visit, and I generally don’t think of myself as artistic in any way.

But exploring the Tate Modern made me re-think my definition of ‘artistic’.

As much as I could appreciate some of the art there (things I could recognise!), a lot of it was really going way over my head.

Some of the ‘art’ people were appreciating there pretty much dumbfounded me! I think the highlight was this square of white canvas with a tiny acrylic square in the middle. (It was hanging straight on the wall, my wonky photo taking!)

But it got me thinking – maybe I am artistic, it’s just how I’ve defined artistic as being able to produce something recognisable. Maybe I’m actually brilliant at modern art and have missed my calling!

You see, as human beings, we tend to come up with these definitions of things throughout our life, of what good looks like, and what bad looks like.

I bet you do it all the time as a business owner without realising it.

You have a definition in your head of what a ‘good’ business owner is, and what a ‘bad’ business owner is, of what a ‘successful’ business looks like, and what an ‘unsuccessful’ business looks like.

The thing is, you’ve been making it all up in your head.

You may not believe me right now, and believe your thinking to be true, Maybe you can find the ‘evidence’ to prove it, as you know other people who think the same as you.

But, just be open for a minute to the thought that there are other people who have a completely different definition of a good business owner and a successful business.

Who’s right? Well you both are, to an extent, but the point is that you’ve both made it up in your head!

Maybe it’s time to start challenging some of those definitions in your head, and the success you already have created around you.

And maybe I’m not so bad at Art after all!

I’l leave you with this quote from Albert Einstein:

“Creativity is intelligence having fun.”

If this sparks something in you and you want to chat with me about it, please book in a strategy session in my online diary here, and I’ll help you to identify some quick wins to make running your business easier.

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