New level, new devil as you reach a new level in your business

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New level, new devil as you reach a new level in your business

A phrase I often find myself repeating to clients is, “New Level, New Devil”.

When they start working with me, they have a specific challenge and a goal in mind to achieve.

It might be to achieve an income target, to put more structure and processes in place to free up their time, to hire a new team member or launch a new offering.

And they think ‘When this, then that’. Or, to use an example, ‘When my turnover is £10,000 a month, everything will be fine.”

What actually happens is, they work with me, achieve the goal, and then realise achieving the goal has bought new issues and challenges.

In other words, New Level, New Devil.

The truth is, every time you reach a new level in your business, this will bring a new set of challenges for you to deal with.

The good news is however, is that it gets easier to deal with the new ‘devils’.

  • You get more confident in your ability to deal with them
  • You develop your skills and strategies to resolve them
  • You build a support network around you to help you
  • You have experts on hand to go to for help

It all starts with working through the biggest challenge you have right now and reaching that next level in your business.

Are you ready to start your journey to the next level?

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Alison Bradford

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