This could be the reason you’re not growing your business quickly enough…

This could be the reason you’re not growing your business quickly enough…

When Apple launched the iPhone it completely changed the mobile market.

The next year they launched the iPhone 3G.

This was followed shortly after by the 3GS model. Then we had the 4, the 4S, the 5, and then most recently the 5C and 5S.

8 models of the iPhone.

They didn’t wait until they had the perfect phone to launch. They had something that was good enough, even though they knew there were flaws with the first model. (Can you believe it wasn’t 3G?)

They got it out there and got something invaluable in launching the next 7 models.


How are you using this in your business? Are you putting stuff out there, getting feedback, improving it, changing it?

Or are you sitting there wondering why your products or services aren’t selling as quickly as they used to? Or wondering why that amazing new offer, that you were sure customers wouldn’t be able to resist, is still gathering dust on the shelf?

If you’re not constantly using feedback to evolve your offerings then you will get left behind. Imagine if Apple had stuck with the original iPhone, do you think anyone would still own one?

And it’s not just on your offerings where you need feedback – you need it on you too.

When I worked in large companies, 360 degree reviews were commonplace. It was a great way to find out what a variety of people thought about your skills and leadership style.

It can be hard to be objective about yourself, and you won’t always see yourself the way others do.

If you’re not getting feedback from the people that you interact with then you are missing a trick to improve your skills  as a business owner, and therefore grow your business more quickly.

So here’s your task:

  • Write down which areas you want feedback on
  • Write down who can give you the feedback by each area

If you’re not sure how to go about it or what to ask, then keep it simple to begin with.

For everyone that you want feedback from, tell them what you’re asking for feedback on and ask these simple 2 questions:

  • What am I (or the product / service) doing well?
  • What can I (or the product / service) do better?

Then use the information you get back to improve what you do and how you do it.

Feedback – get it, use it, improve what you do. It’s how your business will grow.

Just remember to keep doing it!

Leave me a comment to let me know how you get on.




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