Winning and losing in business – you learn more from the failures than from the successes

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Winning and losing in business – you learn more from the failures than from the successes

Last week my youngest daughter’s school football team were the proud winner of the Under 13’s County Cup.

They’d beaten lots of teams to get to the final and it was a great team effort with lots of support. As well as the trophy and a medal, the best thing for her was being taken out for a Mcdonald’s lunch during school on Friday!

All the supporters were commenting on what a great team they were but, of course, that’s easy to say when they are winning.

What about the losing side? They were a great team too, making it to the final.

It’s easy to be a great team when you’re winning and everything goes your way.

What about the team that deals with the losses? How they deal with that has the potential to make them an even stronger team.

After all, you learn more from the failures than from the successes.

It can be difficult though – not everyone wants to deal with failure.

Some people are so scared of failure that they stay small and don’t try anything new.

Some people fail once, feel the pain and decide not to try again.

Some people fail repeatedly, yet never take the time to learn from this and make the same mistakes over again.

You know that running your business is hard work and that to achieve success you will have to have failures along the way.

  • The team member who doesn’t work out
  • The customer complaint
  • The lost tender
  • The unpaid invoice
  • The new service that falls flat
  • The being told you need to vacate your office in a month’s time

These are all signs of growth, and it is how you deal with these perceived failures that will dictate your future success.

Do you give up or do you take the time to learn, implement the learning and keep going?

Resilience is definitely a key skill required for all business owners!

Having the right support around at these times can help. Where do you get your support from?

It can be difficult to talk to your team as they look to you to give the answers and, it can be difficult to talk to close familiy and friends, as they want to protect you.

Make sure you surround yourself with people who ‘get it’ and can help you to move forward when dealing with a failure.

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