Why drive a manual when you can drive an automatic? Lessons in keeping it simple

Why drive a manual when you can drive an automatic? Lessons in keeping it simple

This blog post is inspired by a comment one of clients made the other week, when we were discussing how to keep things simple in her business. (Thanks Nicole :-))

It can be very easy to complicate things, and very often harder to simplify something, including your business.

Me? I’m always seeking simplicity. I have an aversion to anything that appears complicated and have an inherent belief that pretty much everything can be made simpler.

Yet sometimes, I too make things harder than they need to be.

As an ex-Physics student, I love a science / business quote, and it was Albert Einstein who said, ‘Everything should be made as simple as possible, but not simpler’.

Do you ever wish your business could be simpler?

Here’s some tips to identify areas you can start to simplify:

1. Get some help

If you have too much to do and too little time, then go and buy in some help to take some things off your plate.

Also, if you’re trying to do things that are out of your zone of genius, then maybe it’s time to bring in an expert who knows what they’re doing.

2. Start saying no

‘No’ to extra projects that aren’t going to take your business where you want it to be, ‘no’ to clients from hell who drain your energy, ‘no’ to the additional voluntary commitments you take on and then complain about.

3. Distinguish between the ‘useful’ tools and the ‘shiny shiny’

In other words, use things because they work and make your life simpler, not because they look really exciting, it’s the latest thing and everyone else is telling you that you simply must use it!

For example, I use a paper diary to manage my time, and prefer very short to-do list’s written on my weekly planner. It works for me, and I can’t be bothered with faffing about trying the latest app here, there and everywhere that promises to make it easier for me.

It already is easy for me!

I’m not anti apps and online tools at all, and there are places where I use them in my business.

But, I use them because they simplify something, not complicate.

4. Streamline your offers

How many different products or services are you laying out for your potential customers?

Too much choice leads to overwhelm and will stop your potential customers from making a decision.

Look at how you can scale back what you offer to your prospects and aim to give them a choice of 3.

5. Quieten down your mind

My personal ongoing struggle!

Most business owners have busy, noisy minds. There’s always a new idea popping in there, or some over-thinking or over-analysing to be done.

The problem with this is that you often get your best insights and wisdom when you are able to quieten down the noise in your mind.

You have a challenge, you think about it, and think about it, get really frustrated with it, then one day you move on to something else.

And bam! The answer to your previous challenge pops into your mind, at precisely the time you weren’t thinking about it.

To truly simplify your business and your life, you need to simplify your mind, and this means thinking less.

By the way, why would you choose to drive a car with a manual gearbox, when you can drive one with an automatic gearbox? I’ve driven an automatic for the past 8 years and trust me, it’s much simpler ūüôā

Want to talk to me about how to apply these steps in your business? Book in a half hour strategy call with me here.

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