Figure this out first to become more productive

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Figure this out first to become more productive

When I’m helping my clients to improve their productivity, one of the concepts I share is about uphill and downhill work.

Uphill work is the stuff that feels a bit harder and requires more brainpower – often the more strategic working ON your business stuff.

Whereas downhill work is like freerolling down the hill – the stuff you can just get done with little thought or effort.

You will have a natural preference as to when you do your best uphill work, and when it’s best to get some downhill work done – it may be different days of the week, or different times of the day, but know when you work best on each of these and plan your week and days around it.

You’ve probably already realised that there are loads of different strategies out there to help with your productivity but, if you don’t know yourself and your preferred style first, all of the information can feel overwhelming.

What works for one person may not work for another, so even though your best business buddy swears by the Pomodoro method, it may not work for you. (Pomodoro method is about breaking work into short intervals of around 25 mins followed by a short break)

Start with your preferred style and when you are most productive, and work back from there.

Want some support with figuring out your personal productivity plan? Book in a complimentary strategy session with me and I’ll help you to figure it out 🙂

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