Struggling to find time to work on your business? Try this 5-minute list hack

Create a 5-minute list to find time to work on your business

Struggling to find time to work on your business? Try this 5-minute list hack

If you’re like most business owners, finding time to work ON your business is pretty difficult.

A super simple tip I share with my clients is the 5-minute list.

Jot down a list of really quick tasks you can do, to work on your business – things you can get done in 5 minutes or less.

Here’s some ideas to get you started:

  • A note of appreciation to a supplier, customer or team member
  • A request for a testimonial or Google review from a customer
  • Read through a relevant article you’ve saved
  • Send an email to follow up on a previous enquiry
  • Tidy up your workspace
  • Grab a notebook and start jotting down your own list – you’ll be amazed how many tasks you can get done in less than 5 minutes.

Then, next time you have a meeting finish 5 minutes early or you find yourself with 5 minutes to spare, grab your list, pick a task, and get it done!

Little by little you’ll soon be making great steps foward.

Just imagine the progress you’ll make if you get one of these done each day and, best of all, you only need to find 5 minutes!

Curious to know how I can help you in achieving your business goals? Book in a complimentary strategy session to find out more, and identify some quick wins tailored to your business. Find the latest availability in my online diary.

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Alison Bradford

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