The power of your support team – who is there for your business?

Alison Bradford and her husband at Wimbledon.

The power of your support team – who is there for your business?

July is the start of the holiday season for many of you, so is a busy time as you manically try and get on top of everything before you go, and then come back to a deluge of work. Hopefully, you have a plan in place and support around you to enable you to take a much-needed break.

I was lucky enough to be at Wimbledon on Sunday and, though we didn’t have centre-court tickets to see Djokovic and Alcaraz, we had the next best thing:

Tickets for court one, which included the Boy’s Final, won for the first time in 61 years by a British boy, Henry Searle.

We knew we were in for a great match and atmosphere when we realised we were sitting by a large group of people wearing t-shirts emblazoned with ‘Henry’s Barmy Army’.

The support and encouragement they gave, visibly lifted and motivated Henry who, though he wasn’t even seeded, won the Boy’s championship without ever losing a set.

Now, tennis fan or not, it shows the power of having a group of people who support and encourage you, whether you’ve made a double fault or are facing break point, to get you through the difficult times in your business.

Who is in your support team in your business? This may be people you employ, fellow business owners you network with, a mastermind group, or a business coach like myself.

It’s always worth being deliberate about where you get your support in your business and choose the people who will inspire and uplift you, but also hold you accountable and call you out if you’re avoiding something.

Who are your people who ‘get it’?

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