How I Ended Up Spending A Small Fortune At The Hairdressers

How I Ended Up Spending A Small Fortune At The Hairdressers

The other Saturday I was at my regular appointment at the hairdressers for my colour and cut (bit shorter than usual for me btw!), and I ended up spending quite a bit more than I intended to.

Now I believe we all have our different ‘things’ where we can easily end up spending more than we intended – yours may be techy gadgets, skincare and make-up, sports, fine wine or even your hair, like me!

I have a problem with my hair you see – it’s naturally fluffy, very wavy, and generally wild when left to it’s own devices.

I’ve always dreamed of having the type of hair that you can just wash in the morning, brush and go.

(Apologies here to those of you losing interest now, especially my male readers – bear with me, it will become relevant to you soon, I promise.)

But my hair needs regular intensive conditioning, numerous styling products to tame it, and regular use of my treasured straightening irons.

So there I was finishing off at the hairdressers on Saturday when my stylist said he was going to use a new smoothing treatment on my hair that they’d been having great success with. My blow dry would last 72 hours apparently, with no need to keep straightening every morning.

Now he had my attention!

He asked the receptionist to show me a special offer box set they had, which she did.

She pointed out that I would be getting £67.50 worth of products for just £50.

She said that another customer, with really unmanageable hair, had come straight back to buy it after trying the treatment in the salon.

She then said she only had 3 boxes left and wasn’t sure if they’d be getting any more.

Wow – this was going to solve my hair problem! It would save me time each morning and I’d have swishy, shiny, sleek hair every day. Needless to say I bought it! £50 of hair products that I was embarrassed to line up next to all the other products I have at home.

So what really made me spend the extra money?

1. I have a perceived problem with my hair, that is so important to me I will spend silly amounts trying to solve it. Never underestimate what someone will pay you if you can show you will solve a problem that is important to them.

2. The ‘value‘ versus ‘sales price’ was highlighted, so I felt I was getting a good deal. How are you demonstrating the value of your products and services?

3. Social Proof – this was probably the trigger for me to actually buy – I was told that another customer, whose problem was even worse than mine, had achieved great results from the product. How are you using testimonials and customer feedback to show your customers that people just like them are getting results?

4. Finally, scarcity. If they had told me they had plenty left, I would probably have left it till next time. But I wasn’t taking a chance on missing out! How can you use scarcity to help your customers to decide to buy sooner?

The combination of all 4 of these helped me to make my buying decision.

How are you helping your customers to make their buying decisions from you?

I’ll let you know how I get on with my new products 🙂

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