How do you feel about selling?

How do you feel about selling?

Really, how do you feel about selling? If your answer is ‘great, I love selling’ then this article probably isn’t for you. If  your answer is ‘Urgghh – I hate it. I’m so uncomfortable when it comes to selling my wares to potential customers, I end up stumbling over my words, offering discounts before the customer’s even had a chance to think and generally feeling really icky about the whole thing’, then please read on….

I had the privilege last week of seeing Isla Wilson of Ruby Star Associates giving a talk to women in business on selling. I got some great tips and wanted to share them with you here so you will hopefully start feeling less icky about the whole thing.

Firstly – what is it that stops you from getting out there and selling? Be honest here – you know deep down why you don’t want to pick up that phone or go to that networking group.

If you’re a solopreneur there can be a feeling of not being able to see your business and you separately. In other words, any rejection of your business can be seen as a rejection of you and taken personally. This is not the case. I repeat – this is not the case.

Once you have your honest answer of what holds you back from selling – look at it objectively. Is it true? Is it real? Is it based on something someone said to you when you were at primary school (if so, it’s time to move on)?

If somebody doesn’t want to buy from you that is their choice and may be based on any number of things. That’s okay. Sometimes they need longer to get to know you before they buy, maybe they don’t have the reason to buy today but will tomorrow, or maybe they’re just not your ideal customer and will never buy from you.

Honestly, that’s fine.

If your business is going to work then it needs to make money (otherwise it’s just a hobby). Back to basics here but to make money you need to sell. To sell you need to be letting people know about your products and services and giving them the opportunity to buy.

And this means getting out there, picking up the phone, whatever you need to be doing to get in front of your customers and tell them about your offerings!

Think of it this way, if you really believe in what you are offering and that people will get some benefit from it then you owe it to them to let them know about it.

And if people say ‘no thanks’ stop hearing ‘I don’t love you’.


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