Four steps to feel more in control and less overwhelmed

Feel more in control and less overwhelmed

Four steps to feel more in control and less overwhelmed

Today I’m going to share with you a super simple 4 step process to start getting back on top of everything.


Start by getting a list together of everything in your head that you think you need to get done.


Go through the list and start to prioritise, using a simple Ease / Benefit matrix, where you give a high priority to anything that is high benefit and easy to do, and a low priority to anything that is low benefit and difficult to do. This step should help you to eliminate some tasks off the list.


Now you have a list a prioritised tasks, identify a resource needed to do each one, looking to delegate and outsource where possible.


The list of tasks that you need to do should be much smaller and manageable. Get out your diary and schedule in the time to get them done.


Trust me, follow these 4 steps and you will feel a lot more in control and less overwhelmed.

As so many of you had questions around productivity, and finding the time to get stuff done, I’ve decided to put on a short online workshop to give you some of the top tips and strategies you can easily implement.

I’m running it on the 27th May at 9.30am and kept the price low at £47. You can book your place here.

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