Is it time to turbo-charge your habits?

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Is it time to turbo-charge your habits?

Recently I heard somebody say that the results you’re getting today are the result of habits you started six months ago.

What does that mean for you? Are you getting the results you want today?

If not, maybe it’s time to take a look at your habits.

Which ones are serving you well in your business and which aren’t?


Let’s start with some examples of bad habits:

  • Constantly having several screens open at once and flicking between them
  • Ending each day with your desk in a mess so your heart sinks at the sight of it the next day
  • Beating yourself up at the end of each day for what you haven’t been able to do
  • Always running over on meetings, and never able to keep to your plan because of constant interruptions
  • Not having clear processes in place for customer enquiries so each one is dealt with on the hoof

I could go on, but take a couple of minutes now, or start to be aware over the next day or two, of the things that annoy and irritate you. These will come back to a bad habit you have in place, and may not even have realised it.

What about good habits? What things do you do consistently that help you achieve good results in your business?

Consider your time management, processes, finance, team and customers – what habits do you have in place around these areas?

  • Spending an hour each day working on your business at the start of the day
  • Having clear and defined processes to standardise and simplify tasks
  • Regularly reviewing your key financial measures every Friday morning
  • Ensuring each team member has a regular 1-2-1 review each month
  • Reaching out to your customers for a testimonial after work is completed

Do not underestimate the value of setting up good habits to accelerate your business results – where will you be in 6 months time?


The trick is following these 4 principles to turbo-charge your habits:

  1. Start small – it can be super tiny to begin with. If you can’t find an hour each morning to work on your business, start with 5 minutes.
  2. Keep it easy – make it really achievable. If you need to work on processess, pick the easiest one to start with and put half an hour in your diary to do it this month.
  3. Be consistent – whatever you do, do it consistently. Set up a Friday checklist to review your KPIs and sitck to it every Friday for 10 mInutes.
  4. Build on it – follow the above 3 principles and you will naturally find yourself building on them – the 5 minutes working on your business each day will become half an hour eventually.


If you do nothing else this week, pick one good habit to start and one bad habit to end right away.

Not sure where to start, or want some help identifying the habits you need to start and stop? Book in a complimentary strategy session and I’ll help you to figure it out and set yourself up for future success.

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