The real reasons why you don’t have enough time

The real reasons why you don’t have enough time

All too often, business owners I’m working with will give one of their main challenges as not having enough time.

Do you feel like that too? Where every day seems to go by in a flash and you can barely remember what you’ve actually done, you just know that you haven’t stopped all day.

Your working day keeps stretching out further and further, and you’re lucky if you get time for anything but work, work, work.

You’re exhausted and know you can’t carry on forever like this, but you just can’t seem to get out of the cycle you’re in.

Well, here’s some harsh news for you – you are the only one who can break this cycle. You have the same amount of hours in your day as other business owners, so why do some of them seem to have enough time, yet you don’t?

Because of you, that’s why.

You need to man up and start doing things differently, otherwise you’re going to stay as you are.

To get you started, here are the top 5 reasons that I see all the time, that are keeping business owners as busy fools instead of moving them nearer their goals.

1. You are a perfectionist

Instead of allowing things to be ‘good enough’, you hold on to them, re-working and re-working and then eventually rejecting something completely because it’s not perfect.

How much time are you wasting working on things that never see the light of day, or fine-tuning something over and over without adding any extra real value to what you had in the first place?

Time to pick up the pace and aim for ‘good enough’ instead of perfect.

2. You are easily distracted

You like new ideas and get bored by routine. There are some tasks you do that take you twice as long as they should because you never fully focus on them.

You have multiple windows open on your computer at any time and frequently flick between your e-mail, Facebook, Twitter and your favourite websites.

You’ll be in the middle of completing a final report when you suddenly remember someone you need to call, right now.

You’ll have a list of people to talk to, but you just need to make a cup of tea and do some ‘research’ first.

Time to be disciplined and focus on the task in hand.

3. You can’t say no

You end up getting involved in lots of things that are not connected to your goals.

Customers make last minute demands and you jump to them.

You’re always cursing somebody or other for involving you in something, when it’s really your own fault as you hate you saying no.

Time to practice the ‘No’ word, or at least some variations of it.

4. You don’t set yourself deadlines

You’re allowing too much time to work on things, and just like Parkinson’s Law states: ‘A task will take as much time as you allow it take’.

In other words, you allow yourself too long on tasks and you put off making decisions.

You allow a couple of days to ponder over something that you should only be spending an hour on. You umm and ah about which decision to make for days, when you should be making the decision by the end of today.

Time to start setting deadlines and making decisions more quickly.

5. You are a control freak

You still think that everything has to come through you and can’t bear to hand over control on anything.

You are doing things in your business that you should be paying someone else to do. Someone once said ‘If you don’t have an admin assistant then you are an admin assistant’.

You like to micro-manage and believe that you have to check and double check everything.

Time to start relinquishing your control and behaving like a business owner, instead of trying to be a ‘Jack-of-all-trades’.

Do you recognise yourself anywhere here in these top 5 reasons?

What changes do you need to start making right now to start freeing up your time?

If you’re still not sure then feel free to book in for a complimentary call with me and I’ll help you figure it out –

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