3 danger signs that mean you need help

3 danger signs that mean you need help

When you started your business I bet that you were trying to do most things yourself. Not only to save money but also because you felt so passionate and enthused by your business, everything about it excited you.

You had the time at the beginning – after all, you didn’t have too many customers back then.

Now though, time is a constant challenge for you. You’re trying to keep up with your existing customers demand, get new customers flowing in and likely pretty much everything else from making the tea to planning your strategy for next year.

Phew!  You know in your gut that there needs to be a big change in your business but you can’t put your finger on exactly what it is. Or maybe the thought of taking your business to the next level fills your with fear.

Chances are that you need to get help and build the support team around you that works for you and your business.

These are the top 3 danger signs that I see and hear from working with my clients before they build their support team. Are any of them familiar to you?

1. You are working longer and harder to stay on top of everything

Back when you started your business, one of your dreams was to have the time to do the stuff that you enjoy. Time with family and friends, time for hobbies, time to take a break when you felt like it.

Instead, you now find yourself working on the laptop in the evenings. You’re trying to be sociable with your other half by sitting next to them on the sofa whilst they’re watching the latest drama on tv, but really you may as well be in a separate house for all the attention they get from you.

Or perhaps you are longing to take a holiday. It’s been a while, right? But who will run the business? The phones won’t get answered. Customer orders won’t get fufilled. Who will be there if a valuable customer has a query?

2. You are trying to be all things to all people

You have so many hats to wear right now you can’t even count them. From customer service to fulfilling the orders. From doing the book-keeping to designing your next product. From sourcing new suppliers to running out to catch the last post.

Yep – all the bucks stop at your door.

If someone wants to escalate a complaint you have even considered putting on a different voice.

Wearing so many hats is at the best confusing you, and at the worst it’s making you into a split personality so you no longer know who you are.

3. Most of your time is spent doing the stuff you hate

You started this business to follow your passion and do something that you enjoy.

Somewhere along the line though you’ve ended up doing the stuff that bores you and hardly get to spend any time doing the stuff you love and which gives you energy.

At least this is how it feels right now.

Maybe you should go and be an administrator / book-keeper / personal assistant/ customer service agent  elsewhere, and at least that way you’d get paid for your time and then go home.

Okay, I get it – what do I need to do?

If you recognise any of these 3 danger signs, then you need to step away from the day to day now and figure out exactly where you need the help, where you can find it and how you are going to make it work for you.

If the thought of this fills you with dread then look at the alternative. What is going to happen if you do nothing? How long can you carry on for like this?

If you’re still not sure or want some help to figure it all out, book in a 30 minute call with me, on the house, and I’ll help you.


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Alison Bradford

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